The Most Beautifulest Thing(s) In This World (Just my thoughts)

So there this song that I started thinking about recently from 1993 by a rapper named Keith Murray and how happy it made me when I was 12. The lyrics were fresh, the beat was strong and the chorus was awesome. 

It made me think about the summer before high school filled with baseball, basketball, Nintendo and other fun 12 year old stuff. It made me remember a simpler time. Or maybe for selective memory. Either, the chorus got me thinking:

Let's get it. #remembermyage #breakingbreakfast

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What are some of "The Most Beautifulest Things (or moments/experiences) in This World" for me this past year? In my 33rd year, a year where life has sucked all around the world, what are some of the bright spots for me? What are some moments that moved me and help me get over? Here's the list I came up with:


...Wifey’s quick love for the reboot of the BBC’s “Doctor Who. Years back, she would have seen this as nerd stuff. Now? She’s a nerd like me. I got a girl who rocks short hair, Timberland boots and a Doctor Who shirt. I think I’m winning.

…my son’s discovery of Michael Jackson brought back memories of trying to moonwalk, wearing my own silver glove and enjoying some of the world’s best music. The thing about Michael is, up to Dangerous, he was untouchable. Bad was a carbon copy of Thriller but it was no less awesome. And man, young Michael sounded like an old soul man. My kids now love “ABC”, “I Want You Back”, the Christmas themed “Up on the Rooftop” (which had a rap in it), “Working Day and Night”, “Rock With You” and my new fav “Love Never Felt So Good”. Put that song on and try not to smile and dance. Try it.

…my daughter’s love of writing. Ellie, is growing and showing her artisitic side,  writing actual books and leaving them all over the house. Among the many FROZEN things she wanted for Christmas, she also wanted a desk just for art. That makes me happy. Her teachers have commented on this too (among her love for chatting…) which means we need to work on those things…

…Newfoundland. Becca and I were long overdue some time away and I can think of a better place to have marooned than the Rock. Beautiful, friendly and full of colour, Newfoundland stole our hearts in a BIG way. She also gave us the opportunity to see friends we hadn’t connected with in years and laugh more than we had in quite some times.

…Becca as Pastor. I mentioned in a previous post that this year Becca joined the staff of King Street Community Church in Oshawa, Ontario. She joined a great team led by Dave Larmour, a man you should pay attention too and have opportunity to learn from. He’s just great. Seeing Becca find her way as a pastor, fill our credential forms, plan service orders and grow in her faith has been awesome. I don’t tell her how proud I am enough.  


…Ellie as a really good soccer player. Whether getting 6 goals in one game or playing net to keep her teams playoff hopes alive, she was awesome. We quickly became soccer parents, while openly deciding that Liam should probably do something else other than soccer. But it's okay because Liam is the funny one.

…Two sets of connection groups at Master’s College and Seminary. Two different types of students but two more sets of students to care for. Both prank, both laugh easily and both were/are the highlights of my week.

 …Saying “The Pahty Neva Dun” at Agincourt near the end of my last Sunday night worship service.  It was one of those moments where I was able to be myself and everyone was in on the joke. Plus I wore red Jordans. Not leading there has still been an adjustment but that was a great ‘epilogue’ moment. Plus, it was a direct shout out to a Sean Paul video and joke I have with my dudes. Classic.

 …Going to MTL and hanging out with Jonathan and Shelly Smith. Like Dave Larmour, I met Jonathan and his family in 2005 back at APC and he was always super kind to Becca and I. He’s now the lead pastor at the church where I grew in faith and so when he invited Becca and I to minister at Evangel on a Sunday, we readily said yes. What came out of that was a great post-Church lunch of Korean BBQ, coffee at a Montreal café and more laughs than I was already anticipating. Traveling to MTL is always bittersweet for me but that tipped the scale towards the good.

…Braeside Family Camp and the solidifying of great new friendships. Becca and I were talking about her holidays and already that week has come up as one of our options. This past year also saw us visit Glad Tidings Church in Burlington where I got to see my man Kevin Shepherd, aka Shhhheeeeeppppppssss. That church morning, we learned the importance of trusting our children into the hands of Christ, something we’ve been constantly working on. Plus, his staff is awesome!

new babies! Hahaha, not ours but the babies of our friends.

 Movies like Interstellar and Captain America: The Winter Solider and Snowpiercer. D’Angelo’s new album. Reading Michael Jordan’s biography, God Enters Stage Left, Leaders Eat Last among many others. And all things Kendrick Lamar. 

 LeBron going back to Cleveland, making me rethink my hatred for him (sports-wise) and now hope for his successes with the Cavs, which will ultimately lead to his constant losing. I am a bad luck charm. Also: seeing the heat LOSE to the Spurs and the birth of #WeTheNorth.

 …The day a car in front of me bought my tea and muffin in a Tim Horton’s drive thru in Peterborough.

 our babysitters (Hailey Tollefson, Jenna Johnson, Emily Burton, Riley Larmour) who give us small moments of “break”.

 …seeing The Lion King for Becca’s birthday.

 …meeting the Bethel Ottawa kids...yeet.

 …being able to grow as a communicator through various invitations. I’m so appreciative of my peers trusting their precious people to my thoughts and I hope I haven’t let any of them down! Thanks to those of you who took a shot on me this year!

 …Organizing a music video was cool too.

 …The book of Jeremiah…

…the cuddles of my son, the creativity of my daughter, the selfless love of my wife…


In all the stuff that this world has given us this year, from Ferguson and New York to the decay of Ontario politics, it’s good to look at the good times I guess…those moments where the sunshine breaks into the brokenness of our humanity and just smile a bit. To remember those moments that were good. To those moments that reminded us of what “…and he said it was good…” could have felt like. My moments weren’t yours but have you stopped to think about them?

 To think about the moments that brought you joy? The moments that reminded you that love does indeed win? The moments where you weren’t at odds with yourself or others?

 May those thoughts carry you into the new year and bring you hope for more laughs, more instagramable events, more creative outlets, more shedding of “the sins that so easily entangle…” and the “adding to your faith goodness…knowledge…self-control…perseverance…godliness…mutual affection…and love.” May sun shine brightly through your clouds of despair and may justice roll like a river.

 All in the game, yo.

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