In with new, out with the old (Favs, GIFS and Quotes)

Here I sit on my couch on the last day of 2013. I love this time of year, man. As a pop culture nut, I love reading  many "Best of______" list. It's a reminder of some many things that took place earlier in the year that seem SO long ago. Like remember the Harlem Shake craze? When Snapchat was a dumb idea? Justin Bieber didn't have a moustache and Justin Timberlake still hadn't released music yet? Rob Ford was just loud and nothing more? 

Last year at this time, I was prepping to lead worship with Van Johnson, Matt Smith and my APC family at our annual NYE celebration, filled with streamers, confetti, worship and Ellie sleeping on the front pew. Tonight, the same thing will be happening (I really should be ironing right now...) except now I won't be prepping for work at APC after the new year's break. Instead, I'll be prepping for a 10 day trip to the Dominican Republic with Master's College and Seminary and getting set for my second semester in my new job at the school. Like many of you, I didn't see where I'd be at this point last year but adventure isn't adventure if you know what's next. And what an adventure it's been.

And so, I'd like to end 2013 with a best of list, knowing that BEST means FAVOURITE and that it is completely subjective. Some will be personal, others not but all in all, 2013 has been one for the ages. So let's jump aboard the TARDIS, go back in time and reminisce on some amazing times!


Memorable ministry moments: My last weekend at APC. The culmination of 8 1/2 years ended with a wedding on Friday (congrats Young Sir and Jaime) and a Sunday morning with my mom and dad down for the weekend to join us. I preached my heart out and then proceeded to cry. Ugly man tears. And no one minded at all. Then I said goodbye to the student I had pastored for my entire journey at APC for one last cry fest. We came back for a farewell a few weeks later but that was the coda to the real goodbye. Honorable mentions: Introducing Will Natividad as APC's new SH Pastor after a really tough season of transition, Friday night at MCS's Ignition Days (Red Rover, Red Rover), Building Dedication at APC).

Favorite Small Group moment: Meeting my connections group at MCS. What a great group of people they are:)

Favorite Family Moment: Ellie's first day of school & dancing with Becca at our friend's wedding. Amazing. Just amazing. 3rd: Liam's Old School Hip Hop Party.

Favourite MCS Moment: My 4th year Pop Culture class. First time doing the class by myself and I couldn't have had a better group to do it with (this is all pending the results of the class review...jks.) Plus they came to our house. They were the closest thing we had to pastoring again. For that, I say thank you to each of them. And we don't stop, guys...we don't stop.


Favorite Album of 2013: Without a doubt, what got me moving all year and brought a smile to this bearded face was Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. In their album, they too went back in time to the sounds of disco, turning their back on the EDM craze they essentially fathered. And in turning their back, they made music fun again. That along with the narrative the album created...amazing. Plus, Doin' It Right is the JAM! 


Favorite Song of 2013: I know some MCS students would think it was the edited version of "Started From The Bottom", by Jimmy Brooks but here's a favorite song was Alive by Hillsong Young and Free. Let me say this: I don't take the song seriously as a church-type tune. That said, the song makes me want to dance and jump up and down. Plus my son loves it each time it comes on. I hated it when I first heard it. Now: the jam. Honorable mentions: Get Lucky by Daft Punk, Black Skinhead by Kanye West, Royals by Lorde, Losing You by Solange, What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis, Diane Young by Vampire Weekend...and a host of others.)

Favorite movie of 2013: Pacific Rim. Giant robots? Check. Giant dragon-like aliens? Check. Charlie Day? Check. Awesome action sequences? Check. Only movie I wanted to see again right after I saw it? Check. Close 2nd for different reasons: Fruitvale Station. A thriller that wasn't a thriller but stopped your heart dead in its tracks. Heartbreakingly good.

Favorite performance of 2013 in film: Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station. TV: Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad.

Favorite TV Show of 2013: As a whole series, the back 8 of Breaking Bad. He is the one who knocks. Worth mentioning: Orphan Black, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings and The Goldbergs. And as an episode, Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who) and Ozymandias (Breaking Bad).


Favorite sports moment of 2013: Anything having to do with Boston after the Boston City Marathon, especially the anthem before the Bruins game (see below). #BostonStrong. Honorable Mention: Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the NBA Finals (despite Miami winning) and the Super Bowl (despite the Ravens winning). 

Favorite pop culture moment: Anything having to do with Kanye West, with the apex being the interview with Jimmy Kimmel and his interview on the BBC. If you haven't seen them, you need to. Now. Honorable Mention: the summer of Kendrick Lamar, the VMAs and subsequent talk about twerking like it is a new thing & Rob Ford.

Favorite Viral Video: Key and Peele's East vs. West Bowl. Amazing. Just so darn funny! FUDGE! Honorable mention: Anything by Jimmy Kimmel, the Real husbands of Hollywood Cypher from the BET Awards. Buck Buck, bing bing, that's a gun, homie!

And some quotes to live by for 2013 and into 2014:


"Never judge a twerk by its cover."

"Crack is Wack" 

"In this great future, you can't forget your past" - Bob Marley 

"This is what we do." - Kevin Shepherd

"Started from the bottom, now we're here" - Aubrey Drake Graham

HAPPY NEW YEAR. But that backflip tho...

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