In the midst of reading Christian discussions about whether someone should be able to drink or not, what someone should watch or listen to, sexuality and more, I feel that I need to add to the amount of controversial conversations with one of my own. Something that will be shared and debated around the world because of the sides and lines it draws. Bigger than someone sharing on their Facebook about the type of person someone should NOT date/marry/talk to. 

Buckle up. Get ready. Because. We. Are. Going. To.

(Do you like how I am Drrrrraaaaawwwing this out….?)





Here is a controversial list that will be argued over for month, no dare I say YEARS in houses and sports bars all over the world. Here is my own biased list on the most exciting sports moments that a person can witness in their lifetime. I have tried to base this list on the following criteria:

1.     Predictability: If this is a regular occurrence, it’s not as special.

2.     StandUpAbility: If you stand up a lot during the game, the better. Even more so if you end up pacing.

3.     Level of difficulty: Obviously these are professionals but some feats are worth watching over and over again because of how “Yah right?!” they are.

4.     Watchability: There are some people who don’t like sports. I don’t get that but I respect that. This list also takes into account the sporting moments that more-than-just sports fans would be blown away by.

So here we go:

Number 10: A Perfect Game in Baseball

Nine innings. Twenty-seven batters up and twenty-seven batters down. No hits. No walks. No accidental beanings. I remember when Doc was near the end of his and how sports telecasts would leave their regular scheduled programs to tune in. It’s only happened 23 times and it gets most stressful as the game reaches the back 3 innings. A bad pitch and it can all be over. Or a bad call.

Number 9: The second and third round of March Madness

The bracket buster! 4 days of heartbreak, upsets, stars being made, last second heroics, fouling to get someone to choke on the line, school’s realizing that their trip to “the dance” may be the only time they get there OR may get them to the final four? Amazing. One shinning moment, my friends!

Number 8: Hail Mary pass to win a playoff game.

It's something so predictable yet so awesome. The defence loads the back and the QB hopes for a lucky break. At worst, it's a pick. At best, it's a "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOSSHHHHHHH!" moment. Plus, If it works in Friday Night Lights, it’s magical. Texas Forever. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…(PS - If this post gets more people to watch one of the greatest shows ever, I've done a good thing. Well minus season 2. That was a dud. But the REST? Classic.)

Number 7: Kick off Return/Returned missed FG for a Touchdown

Just watch this and try to not get out of your seat:

Number 6: Last shot wins in a playoff game (Basketball)

Example A:  Jordan versus the Cavs aka “The Shot”

Example B: Jordan versus the Jazz aka “The Push”

Number 5: World Cup Soccer in Extra Time.

Shootouts in soccer are so dumb. But if you can score in extra time? And put added pressure on your opponent to score?To the winners go the spoils. Case and point...

Number 4: All of Olympic Figure Skating.

I don’t care. Figure skating is legit awesome. And it is the MOST corrupt, intriguing sporting event in history. You never know what judge is in who’s pocket, the weird rivalries and if someone is going to get hit in the knee with a medal post. And people watch it every time. Without fail! It really should be taken out of the Olympics like all steroids but it is high in ratings all over the world and so it stays. And even when you think you know who is going to win, Evgeni Plushenko gets pulled out of his gold medal. Or the Russians and Americans work hard to prevent Canada from winning. So good!

Number 3: Olympic 100 M Men’s Final.

My favorite event. The one event that is sold out before people even know who the finalists are. The only can't miss. To give a better description of it, here is ESPN’s Bill Simmons detailing 2012’s London race after seeing it live:

…The race itself was breathtaking. The runners shed their warm-ups, stretched and allowed the drama to build. When they took their blocks, the tension inside the stadium felt exactly like those last few precious seconds before a championship fight. You wait, you wait, you wait, you wait. Your heart is pounding. You don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s no place you would rather be. And then, the gun goes off and human beings start moving at a speed that just doesn’t resemble … anything.

Halfway through the race, Bolt started pulling away from the pack and somehow shrank the track. In other words, he was so physically overpowering, he actually made the track seem smaller. I have only seen one other athlete pull off anything resembling that: whenever LeBron jumps into a passing line, swipes an errant pass and explodes from midcourt to the rim in four or five stupefying steps. Whenever that happens, he shrinks the court. This was even more astounding. Usain Bolt was shrinking an 80,000-seat stadium.

In the stands, you could only hear this sound: “Whooooooooooooooooaaaaaaa!” Bolt ripped through the finish line in 9.63 seconds, dragging the field with him — including poor Tyson Gay, who submitted the fifth-fastest time in Olympic history and somehow didn’t medal. Maybe we didn’t witness a new world record, but we saw an Olympic record. And better than that, we watched someone become immortal. Fifty years from now, my grandkids will ask me if I ever saw Usain Bolt run at the Olympics. I will say yes. They will be impressed.

Number 2: Walk off home to save elimination or win the World Series.

1993. Joe Carter. It’s crazy this hit doesn’t get more shine. Check out what Joe’s Wikipedia page says about this hit (just to show that I do DEEP research): “…only the second time a Series has ended with a home run (the other being in 1960, when Bill Mazeroski did it for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the New York Yankees), and the only time the home run has been hit by a player whose team was trailing in the bottom of the 9th inning in a potential championship clinching game.” Plus if you youtube Joe Carter, this is the FIRST thing that comes up. That's a legacy, my man.

Then in 2011, David Freese does it in game 6 against the Rangers to the call of Joe Buck’s “We’ll see you tomorrow night!” Classic.

Number 1: Gold Medal Hockey. In Overtime.

Is there anything more stressful than this? A whole country waits in anticipation for the red light to shine FOR them and not against them. 4 on 4 to make more room on wide ice. Tired soliders representing their nations. 4 years of bragging rights. Tell me you weren’t sick to your stomach in 2010 for our guys or in 2014 for our girls and I will call you a liar to your face. In ’10, we screemed and cheered so loud Ellie cried and hid. No different in ’14. And I’ll give the girl’s win this past Olympics the edge because they had to come back in the 3rd period. Either way, there is NO MORE EXCITING SPORTS MOMENT than that. And watch the entire last clip. It'll make up for the soccer loss.

Think I’m wrong? Wait four years. You’ll see.

(So what did I miss? Comment and let me know!)

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