That Chris Chase


My name is Chris Chase.

I have a faith that brings me equal parts joy and pain depending on the day.

I am married and have two kids.

I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to share my thoughts and ideas with large numbers of people.

I like basketball shoes, movies, working out, coffee, getting lost in my own head and practicing prose.

So naturally, I moonlight as a want-to-be writer. Hence, this blog.

The musings found on these pages are thoughts and ideas that enter my mind and heart throughout the day. These thoughts are like life itself - always in progress.

Online journaling requires a bit of vanity. The writer has to believe that their thoughts are worth the time of someone else. Why else would one decide to wrestle ideas and opinions on a public website instead of a personal book or over coffee with a friend? To that end, please look past the basic human desire for attention to hopefully find something helpful, meaningful or, if I say something dumb, memeable.

The thoughts expressed here are my own. Yet I am not naive to think that one will not, at times, connect my musings to my family, my friends, my faith or my employer. I do not aim to bring pain to any of these important entities in my life. Please note that as you read, subscribe and comment.