At Master's College and Seminary we have a saying: We Picture Change! 

We believe that each person on earth has a God-given purpose on them to do amazing things and that Master's College and Seminary can serve to help that purpose find footing. Our FIRST YEAR program allows for students after high school to investigate God's call on their lives as emerging Spirit-filled leaders, specifically in the areas of vocational ministry. This program literally rebuilds us from the heart outward through a class on Spiritual Integration, a mission project to the Dominican Republic, local church involvement, a balanced course load and more. At the end of FIRST YEAR, you may choose to continue with Master’s (in a diploma, Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Religious Education program), or head off to university, college or the work world. Whatever direction you choose, we picture change in your life, habits and thinking as a result of this one year.

The change that we picture begins with students sensing and accepting God's call and then living it out. We can't wait to be a part of that story. 

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